v3.12 - May 2007


  • New module IADM for administration of users, privileges, maps, etc
  • Support for text layers in Shape maps
  • Support for hardcoded texts in Shape maps (copyright text, etc)
  • Support for a larger number of web browsers (IE, Mozilla, Firefox, Netscape)
  • Support for maps based on Shape files
  • Unlimited number of colors for maps


  • Support for different units in Indico for time series data
  • Accumulation on-the-fly in Indico to get lower time resolutions from stored time series data (mean, percentiles, min, max, etc)
  • Greatly improved apperance in Indico graphs. Adjustable font sizes, colors, decoration, etc
  • New graph type Bar Chart in Indico Presentation
  • New graph type Filled Time Series in Indico Presentation
  • Autoscaling on axis
  • Up to 12 time series at the same time in a regular time series graph
  • Up to 64 time series can be combined with the built-in interpreter in Indico
  • Added protocol ML for Monitor Labs/Monitor Europe instruments
  • Added protocol HDist for distribution via HTTP (push/pull)
  • Added protocol FDist for distribution via FTP (push/pull)


  • Clickable GIS interface for source editing
  • ALOBs (ASCII large objects) enabling storing of searchable application specific data
  • Enhanced view of emission sources
  • Variable number of color levels for showing of results
  • Colour palette


  • New fast receptor point extraction possible from time series of fields
  • Variable number of color levels for showing of results
  • Colour palette