In May 2004, the EU Commission Phare Programme issued a tender for the “Supply and Technical Assistance contract for procurement of Air Quality Management System” for a nation-wide Air Quality Management System in Estonia.

The Airviro System was chosen as the technical hub in a comprehensive project including ambient air quality monitoring equipment, meteorological equipment, emission database development, dispersion model installation and adaptation, laboratory equipment, passive sampling, etc.

The client, the Estonian Environmental Research Centre (EERC), specializes in chemical analyses in the field of environment protection. It also provides a comprehensive range of analyses, all made in compliance with international standards. The EERC facilities are well-equipped, enabling precise determination of environmentally dangerous substances in different sample types.

The Air Quality Management Department fulfils the requirements from international and local monitoring programmes, local governments, companies and institutions, involving:

  • Ambient air monitoring on national level
  • Specific ambient air measurements campaigns
  • Emission measurements from point and area sources
  • Preparation of pollution permits for enterprises
  • Dispersion modelling in local and regional scale
  • Environmental impact assessment for air quality

The Internet Airviro installed at EERC is based on the fact that many customers, like the EERC, are looking for applications which make use of the Internet for decentralization of work and responsibilities.

  • The basic principle is that only ONE application installation is needed (in the Central Office)
  • Users at the Central Offices access via the Local Area Network (LAN)
  • County (regional) Offices access via the Internet utilizing a standard PC and an Internet connection
  • No additional application/software installations are needed at the County Offices

Another corner stone is that all applications are run (computed) in the Central Server at the Central Office. This means that only one powerful server is needed, but in the EERC project it is duplicated for back-up and other reasons.

Service & Maintenance as well as upgrades are consequently easily accomplished only in the Central Server via direct access by the supplier.

The Internet Airviro is LINUX based. LINUX operating system is nowadays becoming the standard for Government systems especially when it comes to web servers.

The Data Analyses are carried out in Indico Presentation.

The Emission Database (EDB) for Estonia consists of several hundreds of point sources, line sources (streets and roads), and area sources (like harbours).

Several types of Dispersion Models are integrated in the system. The models will need map, topography, roughness, meteorology/climatology, and - of course - emission information.

  • Wind Model
  • Langrangean / Gaussian Model
  • Grid Model
  • MATCH Model
  • Heavy Gas Model
  • Street Canyon Model
  • Receptor Model

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