v3.11 - Oct 2005


  • Introduced the Role concept for user privilege control


  • Added protocol Cam2 for Campbell CR200 & CR1000 loggers (BMP5 & PakBus)
  • Added support for TCP/IP data collection (GPRS, ADSL, LAN, fibre, etc)
  • Added support for 1 second time resolution in time series database
  • Added the Scalings user interface in Indico Administration to handle groups of scaling records with the same time stamp and for the same station
  • Introduced event database to store text associated with for example scalings
  • Added more features to Indico Validation such as the threshold function
  • Added page in Indico Validation for Ratification of data


  • Introduced possibility to have Geo-codes and Activity-codes


  • New queueing concept allowing unlimited number of calculation slave servers. Each configured calculation server can have a configurable number of simultaneous runs and jobs are automatically queued and assigned to a server with free capacity
  • Result viewer extended to handle multiple wind field levels
  • Added the SMHI MATCH model